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This is Coastal Konkan within 200 KM reach from Pune. Gentle winds, soft sands and inviting waters make Shriwardhan-Diveagar irresistible to beach lovers. Also, If one relishes sea-food, there is no dearth of delicacies to sample here.

Shrivardhan is counted among the popular tourist destinations and is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The town itself does have many beaches as its a Peninsula. The whole area is abundantly scattered with a plethora of long extensions of tranquil and attractive beaches like Diveagar Beach, Harihareshwar and Kondivali beach. The tranquility and scenic beauty at the beach is the best thing about this place. The majestic white sand coastline is bestowed with striking palm groves and mango plantations and makes the day for the tourists. Therefore, it is an ideal vacation spot.

Nevertheless, even the most ardent of tourists have failed to explore these beaches properly. It carries a different kind of natural beauty that has an unusual appeal and can give a sense of ultimate bliss. There are more details about the place in Shrivardhan travel guide. The wonderful palm groves, mango trees and shaded coastline is wrapped with splendid white sand.

Shrivardhan is full of religious places and other attractions like the exotic cookery spread (particularly, the seafood), leafy meadows and pastoral standard of living of the regional fishermen. Shrivardhan travel guide will prove to be very handy to chalk out a touring plan in the area.

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